"Me playing at The Loft in 2008"

My name is Wally Lynch and I've lived in Warrnambool for over 25 years.  The first time I was really introduced to guitar was at the age of 14. It was two days before my year 9 school camp and I came down with the Chicken Pox. As I was now going to miss out on my school camp a friend of mine lent me his guitar for the week. I spent the week sitting up in bed trying to play basic little tunes and soon found myself picking out jingles off tv ads and tv shows and teaching myself how to play them. I soon became very keen on the idea of learning guitar but as I already had two friends that played guitar it made more sense for me to play the bass guitar so I started having lesson with local music identity Nick Howe.

After a few years of bass lessons I became quite competent at the bass and decided to branch out and start on the 6 string guitar. This is when things really started to really take off.

By the age of 17 I had mastered the guitar enough to join a band. Within a few months me and my band "Toe Jam" were playing regular gigs and pulling large crowds at the Criterion Hotel every Friday night. News soon spread of our success with local crowds and we went on to play at just about every pub in town including The Vic Hotel, The Grand Hotel, The whalers Inn and The Gallery Night Club.


 "Toejam back in about 1996"

At the age of 21 became ill and began what was to be a 6 year battle with a chronic illness. This caused the band to go in to hibernation for a while and although I was able to get my illness partially under control I was never well enough to perform at full potential again. At the age of 27 I became so ill that I required a number of surgeries and was unable to work or play in a band at all.

During my recovery from surgery I was unable to work for around 12 months and found myself playing more guitar than ever to help pass the time. As money was so tight at the time I decided to start teaching guitar from home to help pay the bills. I started with just one student and quite enjoyed seeing him develop his skills from week to week. I soon had friends of friends calling me and through word of mouth I soon ended up with 8 students coming to my house each week to learn guitar.

Once I returned to full health I was again able to get back in to the music scene playing lead guitar in a few different bands including some original material. You can check out some of our original material here www.myspace.com/ivegottwo

It was at this stage that one of the local music stores asked me to teach guitar at their store and so South West School Of Rock was born.

Now 10 years later I have students coming to me every week and some of them have been doing so for many years. I have built up some great friendships and really enjoy seeing my students progress.














 Wally Lynch guitar and bass teacher lessons Warrnambool.