Hello and welcome to Warrnambool South West School Of Rock.

My name is Wally Lynch and I am a guitar and bass tutor.  I own and operate South West School Of Rock in Warrnambool and with over twenty years playing experience I can offer you more than just a basic guitar lesson.


"Wally has been teaching my two children guitar for a number of years now and they have come a long way in that time. What I like the most is that they actually enjoy the lesson because Wally seems to be able to tune in to their individual styles and teach them music that they actually want to play. They have different personalities with different musical tastes and the lessons cater for that. Through South West School of Rock, they have advanced their skills, developed a respect for music, and gained confidence to perform in public.  Thanks Wally"

 Jenni Parkinson


My approach to guitar tuition is a little different in that I teach students the music they want to play. My first objective before teaching anything is to find out what kind of music the student likes and what kinds of songs they hope to play in the future. I mean let's face it, there is no point starting a lesson with finger picking if your main interest is blues or heavy metal. All lessons are one-on-one so students can progress at a rate that is comfortable for them.  Students are free to bring any songs or styles they would like to learn along to their lesson. Songs can be on a CD, Ipod, USB Thumb Drive or MP3 player. I also have a library of over 5000 songs on hand to cover most popular songs.




"After four years of music lessons, my son was going to give up the guitar.  We heard from friends what a fantastic teacher Wally is and Dylan had lessons with him for two years.  Wally actually teaches his students the type of music they like and encourages them to play the songs they enjoy.  Dylan has gained confidence in his playing ability and has even formed a band.  Wally has been the best teacher and mentor!"                                    

 Jacinta Bermingham


Over the years I have played hundreds of live shows ranging from quieter acoustic sets to high energy electric shows.  I have also spent a lot of time in the recording studio. Due to this extensive experience I am also able to offer advice on guitar set-ups, amp settings and equipment choice to ensure you're getting the best out of your guitar.


My time with Wally was not only dedicated to learning new skills and techniques to improve me as a guitarist but he also found ways to make my learning experience enjoyable, and would go out of his way to make sure I got the most out of my abilities." 

 Zach Mooseek 17